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Walk In The Rain original songs are compared to artists including Randy Newman, Tom Petty
Steely Dan, Paul McCartney, Jackson Browne, Elvis Costello and Colin Hay/Men at Work.

Singer-songwriters tributes pay homage to musical heroes.
With latitude taken, we hope they'd enjoy our own creative
interpretations of songs first written and performed by artists including
Jim Croce, Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, James Taylor, America and John Lennon.

W.I.T.R fans will enjoy some flashbacks when hearing classic rock first performed by
Steve Miller, Eagles, Huey Lewis, Dire Straits, Smashmouth,
Hootie, The Beatles, Stray Cats, Cars, Romantics and King Bees.

Depending on the gig, cover songs are performed acoustified (all acoustic guitars)
or electrified and are authentic, but interpreted, versions you'll love.


Bandmember Bios...

Jeff Koch (electric/acoustic guitars) - "Ever since I was 10, music was the only thing that made perfect sense to me, the only thing I knew for certain I wanted to always be doing. I look to find that space where music stops being about a collection of people playing their instruments and starts becoming a singular, breathing entity, that moment when the players give themselves over to the song, and you're creating a little piece of emotional perfection for the world."

Mike Snyder (drums/percussion) - You may not know it, but you’ve heard Mike’s work. For the last 20-plus years he’s been a regular on the Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon recording scene, bringing his special talents to hundreds of records, film, and television soundtracks. In addition to every Mel Brooks movie from Spaceballs to Robin Hood: Men in Tights, his playing may be heard on many popular, syndicated television shows, including Home Improvement, Dinosaurs, and The Little Mermaid.

His recording work now focuses mainly on jingles, record projects, library music, music for industrial video, and lots of drum and percussion loops. Mike endorses: Roland, Pacific Drums, DW, Bosphorus Cymbals, Remo Heads and Audix Microphones.

Carl Smith (percussion) - is an enthusiastic professional musician with over 30 years experience, who is very comfortable in a variety of musical situations from live performances to studio gigs and is able to adapt easily to different styles (Latin, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Acoustic Folk). As a member of Crazy 8’s rhythm section he helped make the band a driving force in the Northwest in the late 80’s. His resume also includes Balafon Marimba Ensemble, Rubberneck, The Porterhouse Quartet, Fran Gray, Heart & Hammer, The Southlake Church Worship Band, Aaron Meyer, and Toque Libre.

“Music has been long a major influence in my life. Born in Philadelphia, Pa. in 1955, I entered a world that was changing dramatically. My first recollection of being consumed by the passion was 1964. Yes, the “Fab Four” had made their appearance, leading the British Invasion. Then came Motown the syncopated rhythms of R&B, soul and funk. Mom buys some bongos and the journey begins." He has spent over 25 years studying Afro-Cuban tradition through song and dance. Rhythms of the Shona people of Zimbabwe, Cuba (guaguanco, mozambique, rhumba-columbia, merengue), and Brazil: searching for ways to incorporate these rhythms into popular music.

Ben Haynor (acoustic/electric guitars) - is a talented dedicated elementary music teacher and versatile acoustic and electric guitarist. He also plays dobro, sings and is a songwriter.

After relocating to Portland from Milwaukee, WI, Ben honed his guitar skills as a freelancer, and among others, playing in the groups Swingin’ Amiss, The H Duo and Rich Man’s Burden. With these groups he has performed in the Portland Jazz Festival, had music licensed with ABC and NPR, and has played alongside some of the great performing acts in the NW. Ben cut his teeth performing with jazz combo’s and big bands while in school at University of Wisconsin-SP. He holds both Jazz Performance and Music Education Degrees and currently teaches music in the Lake Oswego School District.

John Dwyer (bass/vocals) - was born in Milwaukee, WI. the fifth of 5 children. John began playing music at age 12. His first bass was a no-name bass that could only be strung with the E & A strings. After learning several 70’s rock riffs from his older guitar-player brother, John’s mom decided it was time for lessons and a new instrument. “I’ve always said that I’m only as good as the musicians and people around me. The joy that comes from feeding and collaborating from one another is what keeps me playing.” After moving from Milwaukee to Portland in the early ‘90s, John went to school for film & editing while meeting new musicians and deciding on the next musical move…. Some of John’s past Portland projects include Stark County, Paula Sinclair, Reina Collins, Amy Farris, Greg Paul, Tea for Julie, and TA-DA.

A glimpse into John’s influences include bands of the late ‘60s & early ‘70s era; The Beatles, Yes, The Who, The Bee Gees, David Bowie, Elvis Presley, King Crimson and Led Zeppelin, as well as Radiohead, The Cure, Bob Marley, The Cars, Dave Alvin, 80s Techno/Pop, Jaco Pastorius, Thin Lizzy, The Smiths, Morrissey, and Adrian Belew. “On occasion, I still like to pull out the ‘80s, music for a nostalgic ride. Two of my favorite bass players and on some days considered the only bass players by me are Chris Squire and Paul McCartney. “

Daniel Work (principal songwriter, piano/keys/guitar) began writing songs when he was 17, with a tune called "Lookin' Back," a pretty serious subject for a young, carefree boy. He's been performing ever since, as often as 200 gigs a year and is an “ASCAP plus” award recipient.

In addition to his musical passion, he is a national award-winning media producer (video/audio/3D animation/interactive) with his company "SmileyNote Studios", inc., the founder of "IndiependenceMusic.net" (ImIndie.net) - an all ages indie music discovery website, and a sought after event technical director. His credits include: “I’ve Got a Name (Obama)” song/music video, the University of Arizona Wildcat's “R.O.C.K. at the U. of A.” song/music video which aired regionally on Fox Sports, plus many national corporate productions and local benefit concerts.

Daniel's original adult-contemporary songs, style and voice are often compared to artists including Steely Dan, Elvis Costello, Jackson Browne, Sir Paul McCartney, Train, Randy Newman and Colin Hay/Men at Work.

His CD, entitled "SomeThingsTakeTime" contains a diverse set of 12 original songs recorded at Portland's famed KUNG FU BAKERY with Mike Braun (long-time drummer with Hall & Oates),Tim Ellis (Mr. Uber- guitarist), Albert Reda (multi-award winning NW bassist) and many other musical artists including Portland's own electric violinist, Aaron Meyer. Being released 11/11/11 is a prequel CD called "A Work In Progress", a collection of diverse home studios tracks recorded with 22 friends over 12 years.

Daniel and/or "Walk In The Rain" have been fortunate enough to share the stage with amazing NW talent including Marv/Rindy Ross, Doug Smith/Judy Koch-Smith, Patrick Lamb, Tim Ellis, John Nilsen, Tyler Stenson, Ellen Whyte, Jake Oken-Berg, Miguel Martinez and dozens of other talented musicians/songwriters.


Performance spotlights...

October 5th, 2010, Lakewood Live Music Series concert #2
World Class Pianist John Nilsen (performing tracks from his newest solo CD)
Lake Oswego rocks with the "John Thayer Band" and the "Nicole DeCosta" band plus
Daniel Work & Walk in the Rain (with Jeff Koch/Carl Smith/Yascha Noonberg/Ben Haynor)

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April 13th, 2010, the Lakewood Live Music Series concert #1
Grammy Award winner Doug Smith, Quarterflash's Marv/Rindy Ross and W.I.T.R.
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FEB. 11th, 2009 - Daniel Work/WALK IN THE RAIN - CD Release Concert Images/Details- click here
Everybody on Stage

"Everybody (11 musicians and wonderful people) On Stage for The Finale" - photo credit: Kim Taylor
Front row: Tim Ellis, Miguel Martinez, Patrick Lamb, Daniel Work and Jake Oken-Berg
Back: Sue-Ellen Hodnot, Illya Torres-Garner, Jeff Koch, Brud Giles, Jason Barlow and percussionist Carl Smith

The CD DISC IS in stock, visit www.danielwork.net to purchase the physical CD.

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W.I.T.R. is evolving into a modern day Eagles, Fleetwood Mac with an indie rock edge.
If you're talented, driven, and a professional singer-songwriter (male or female), contact us.

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